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-Legal support of business entities starting from the moment of their establishment until the termination both in Ukraine and worldwide.
-Structuring of the newly established business and optimization of corporate governance model.
-Legal support of the representative offices of foreign companies.
-Legal guidance of the bankruptcy proceeding.
-Representation in corporate  disputes, protection of the rights of copartners and shareholders.
-Organization  of the activity of the entity’s governing bodies (holding of general meetings, assemblies, etc.).
-Legal representation and guidance of relations between clients and Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the National Securities  and Stock Market Commission.
-Appeals against the decisions of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Service of Ukraine.


-Legal support  of the subjects of software industry both in Ukraine and abroad.
-Tax planning  in the IT sphere.
-Registration and protection of Copyright. 
-Representation of the software users and developers under the laws of national as well as foreign jurisdiction.
-Guidance of legal transactions concerning the disposal  and use of intellectual property rights.
-Legal support in the administration of address space of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.
-Legal support of the relations involving research institutes, design organizations, manufacturing firms and subjects, which are engaged in providing of innovations in the field of technology transfer.


-Legal assistance during the arrest and search.
-Witness and Suspect protection   at the stage of pre-trial investigation.
-Protection  of the defendant and convict at the courts of various instances in criminal proceedings.
-Representation of the interests of victims, civil plaintiffs and defendants in criminal proceedings.
-Protection of a person, whose extradition is sought. 
-Representation of the claimant and debtor interests at the stage of execution of the sentence based on the court judgment.
-Application to the European Court of Human Rights.
-Protection of the rights and interests of prisoners while serving the sentence.


-Representation and defense in criminal proceedings, in the cases of administrative infractions.
-Emergency departure at the RTA scene, participation in the RTA registration.
-Appeals against the rulings in cases of administrative infractions.
-Ensuring the recovery of damages caused by the accident. 
-Appeals against the insurers’ decisions to refuse in insurance compensation payment.
-Legal support of the insurance companies in subrogationand regress disputes.
-Recovery of insurance compensation from the foreign insurance companies.


-Protection and title registration of movable and immovable property.
-Representation in the inheritance disputes.
-Divorce, division of joint property of the spouse and representation in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship.
-Debt collection and damages compensation.
-Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
-Drafting of agreements, legal guidance of the concluding, termination or appeal procedures.
-Representation in the land disputes resolutions.
-Legal guidance of financial relationships concerning the loan restructuring and challenging of credit obligations.
-Mediation in disputes.


-Representation of sports clubs, athletes and coaches before sports arbitration boards (control and disciplinary committees and appeals committees).
-Legal evaluation of contracts in sport, drafting of individual employment contracts. 
-Legal guidance of the contradictions settlement procedure when concluding the contract between the athlete (coach, doctor and other specialists) and the sports club, agent, federation.
-Preparation of internal regulations, acts, reports, rules etc. 
-Legal guidance of the sports events organization.
-Settlement of disputes between the clubs and players, players and agents.



Pro bono - services provided voluntarily and free of charge for the public good.
Following the principle of pro bono, T&M Boutique Law Firm would responsibly and qualitatively provide free legal assistance in cases, which meet the following requirements:
- a person at the time of application can’t get paid legal assistance;
-the case is of significant importance for a person as well as for the society as a whole.


Startup is not just a new business based on the traditional approaches and conventional results. That means the incarnation of ideas through the innovations in the shortest period with using mainly the instruments  of venture capital investment. 
T&M Boutique Law Firm would choose the optimal business model for the startup activity, due diligence of a startup, protection of intellectual property rights of authors, as well as the support of venture capital deals, free of charge.


We perform free practical trainings for law students in the form of seminars and business games. The training programs are formed accordingly to the student’s requests. Information about the events is published on our social networks.


At the time of formation of a qualitatively new civil society in Ukraine it’s very important to support community initiatives concerning the control and interaction with the authorities, effective mechanisms for the citizens’ rights and freedoms honoring,the environment protection and improving the infrastructure.
Our team provides free legal guidance of NGOs within the realization of such initiatives.



We analyze legislative initiatives, current laws and court practice in a form of regular and convenient publications in the separate blog.


Frankly about the workday, harsh criticism, incidents and the attorney’s reflections in the blog posts not about laws.



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